— Nat

I’m a sucker for making memories, good conversation, game nights, live music, stand-up comedy, and yummy desserts. 

I’m a mama of two beautifully wild boys and a wife to a super supportive husband. He also helps along on many of my shoots, because don’t we all just wish we had more hands?!

I love looking at the moon at night and picturing how truly tiny we are in this grand universe. 

I feel that perspective is deeply rooted somewhere in my soul. It’s where I draw so much of my inspiration from. Those tiny moments—the details, the grand way they fill up the space in your heart. So much love, it almost hurts. That’s the essence I want to come across in all of my galleries… just lots o’ love <3

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— I think I like this little life

I’m so stoked that I’ve found the shit that sets my soul on fire. The stuff that keeps me up at night. It’s that grittiness of love, yet the gentleness of it. It’s that “omgggg gotta have it” energy, feel it in your bones kinda love. That’s the shit I love to capture, and want you and your family to experience. 

It’s the fact that everything in life doesn’t have to be aesthetic to look and feel aesthetic. I know that sounds cheesy, but that’s what it’s all about—real life, real love, real people, playing together to make memories, and getting to keep them forever. 


“It’s the wild to the child
The sea to the shore
The grit to the glory
The moon to the stars”


"Working with Nat is like working with a best friend that you haven’t seen in years, but you’re able to pick up exactly where you left off"

Messages in a bottle

“Nat is hands down the best photographer I have ever worked with! I did a maternity session and a newborn session with her and I’ve never had so much fun and felt so comfortable behind the camera. Her personality is just the best, her client closet is fantastic, she has a great eye for what will look best, and her guidance during the session made each shoot fun and exciting. I can’t forget to mention the pure joy I get every time I look at the photos, which are edited to perfection! Can’t wait for her to continue capturing more of my family’s milestones!“
— Cynthia 

"Nat was a dream to work with. My husband and I are not photo people- we rarely remember to take pictures. When we welcomed our twins, I knew that even in those early sleepless nights I would want to look back on this precious time and boy was I right. She was prepared with everything we needed, she was calm and collected. I cannot recommend Natalie enough!"
— Maggie

"Not only is she amazingly talented but also down to earth and makes you feel completely seen and beautiful. Then during our photo shoot on the beach, we fell in love with her because she has an incredible way of capturing those sacred emotions and moments in the most beautiful way. To know Natalie is to love her and she will forever be a friend, but also the photographer I will continue to go to time and time again."
— Christine 

"The hardest part about working with Nat is having to say goodbye at the end- she’s just the kind of girl you could hang with all day and never get tired of. Her work speaks for itself and we really tested her magic when my husband showed up in athletic shorts and we realized we left his pants in our hotel… but the pictures still turned out incredible!"
— Alee