Family Photoshoot Ideas

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Stop Posing for the Camera; How a Photoshoot can be a Family Date Night

Family Photoshoot Ideas

In a world where picture-perfect posing is standard during family photos (which everyone dreads), I’m bringing you some real-life talk today – and why you should STOP posing for the camera; how a photoshoot can be a family date night. 

Family Photoshoot Ideas

Did you just say a family date night?

Why yes I did! As a Los Angeles family photographer, I want you to consider unique family photoshoot ideas, such as a family date night photo session for these reasons:

Hear me out!

  • Family date night means no pressure on anyone!
  • Family date night means you can wear what makes you feel good!
  • Family date night means we can go wherever we want and make it look good!

There are so many reasons why I love incorporating family date night into family photoshoot ideas! All in all, I love that they encourage more authentic moments between family members and take the pressure off of posing. See below for the magic!

Family Photoshoot Ideas

How does a family date night photoshoot work?

1. Clients & I meet virtually during their consult to discuss if a family date night photo session is for them! I always start by asking what vibe they’re going for or their goals. This mom wanted to do something a bit more laid back— we’ve worked together a handful of times before, so she was open to any idea or prompt to keep this session fresh! We went with a beachy family photography outing vibe!

2. We started on the strand, which is always tricky because we’re dodging cyclists and joggers! Then we quickly moved to the wall on the strand which I love to do with family sessions because we get some California palm trees in the background. Once I felt like we’d gotten the “shoot jitters” out of the way, we moved towards the water where we let the kiddos lead. I noticed they wanted to get their wiggles out, so we let them run around for a bit so that I could get some documentary-style images, I’m always looking to the kiddos to see when I need to adjust my game plan. Once the sun dipped, they got into more casual clothes, which gave way to more casual poses and prompts! Even when you’re not posing, I still prompt families to get the best images! There is a huge difference!

3. If I had any trouble getting littles to cooperate, I would have had them climb all over the lifeguard tower so that we could let active kids do their thing, while still getting aesthetic images for the gallery. I specialize in Los Angeles beachy family photography and shoot at several different beaches, including Hermosa, Rancho Palos Verdes, Laguna Beach, & Santa Monica.

4. This method of family date night photoshoot idea makes it not only easier on the kiddos but also for parents because they don’t have to wrangle their kids & force them to smile (huge fake smiles) for the sake of the session. I always tell my clients that if they feel ANY kind of stress or pressure during their shoot, that will come across in their gallery. Whether it’s in them looking stiff, or the expressions they subconsciously make. My favorite kind of parents are the ones who let their kids just be who they are during the shoot!

Take your family out on a date night and STOP POSING for your family photoshoot! 

I hope I’ve convinced you to choose a family date night photoshoot when considering family photoshoot ideas! It really can be that easy, and fun!

See you on the beach!

Love, Natalie

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