Family Photoshoot Wardrobe Ideas

Family Photoshoot Wardrobe Ideas
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Just How Important is Wardrobe Styling for your Family Session?

Beach Family Maternity Session Styling 

I am here to talk to you today about how important your family photoshoot wardrobe is! Meet Nisha + Saleem (with baby Isla in her belly) – Perfect name for a beach sesh!

These guys will be visual proof of just how impactful wardrobe styling, lighting, and posing styles are, as can be seen!

This beachy maternity session is an example of a more laid-back session. Therefore, with this type of session, I try to convey the tone + vibe of a session by matching the posing style + type of light to the wardrobe. As you can see, it makes for the perfect session!

Family Photoshoot Wardrobe Ideas

How important is the vibe?

This couple resides in the South Bay and wanted a laid-back, modern kind of session. Nothing too stiff, posed, or dated. This mama was around 32  weeks pregnant for her shoot (I always recommend doing the session between 30-33 weeks, depending on belly size) because it gives us time to plan without the stress & pressure of getting her family photoshoot wardrobe ordered.

This session was at Hermosa Beach.  She explained that she wanted to make sure that the weather was sunny and that there were plenty of golden tones because a gloomy day lends to a moodier vibe. She had also expressed to me that her hubby was super fun and affectionate which is why I made sure to capture those attributes through the posing + use of light. 

All this comes together to make magic. The vibe is the translation of your family dynamic, love story, and personality. You don’t want to skip out on the vibes!

Family Photoshoot Wardrobe Ideas

Family Photoshoot Wardrobe Ideas

We were very conscious of keeping the wardrobe neutral –  nothing too boho, fancy, or stuffy. We still hit all the marks on a variety of “feels” within the wardrobe –  a polished modern look option, and a more laid-back look option for this family photoshoot wardrobe.. 

The first dress was also worn during her baby shower, which was multifunctional! 

It’s crucial when picking your family photoshoot wardrobe that you feel a part of your everyday style and personality is incorporated. 

It is so important that your family photoshoot wardrobe reflects your identity and personality!

Tips for this:

  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable, then elevate it so you feel your best self
  • Don’t go for insanely busy patterns unless that’s you! If it is, own it!
  • Choose fabrics that have interesting texture – like your sweats? They make dresses out of that material too!
  • Bring backup options and go with your photographer’s advice, because it’s best to be prepared!

Trust the photographer who gives you family photoshoot styling advice!

Your photographer should lead you through the whole session experience, including the family photoshoot wardrobe! Text them with all the photos you want of your outfit choices and ideas. They will surely tell you what will look good, and what won’t. It’s about coming to a harmonious compromise of what looks good vs. what makes you feel good.

Whatever you wear for your family photoshoot wardrobe, make sure it’s you!

Love, Natalie

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