Los Angeles In-Home Photography Session

In-Home Photography Session
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Just How Personal are In-Home Sessions?

Loving Los Angeles, CA In-Home Photography Session 

In-home photography sessions are some of my favorite sessions because of the comfort and ease they bring to my clients. Parents especially appreciate the convenience of not having to travel with their kiddos, which can be stressful and time-consuming. Instead, they can relax in their own space, making the experience more enjoyable and less daunting. They’re so personal, intimate, and loving. 

In-Home Photography Session

What is an In-Home Photography Session?

All in all, an in-home photography session is a photo shoot conducted within the comfort of a family’s home, focusing on the family’s everyday life. This type of session offers several unique advantages and qualities that distinguish it from traditional studio photography.

Personal Reasons to do an In-Home Photography Session

  1. Comfort and Convenience:
    • For the kids: kids are just more at ease in their own home and their daily routine.
    • For the Parents: Eliminates the stress of traveling with kids and all the necessary supplies. Parents can relax in their own space!
  2. Authentic Environment:
    • Making it personal: The photos capture the family’s true living environment, making the images more meaningful and personalized.
    • Natural settings: Family members interact more naturally in their own home, leading to more genuine and authentic moments.
  3. Uniqueness:
    • Home Settings: Each home provides its own unique backdrop, adding variety and character to the photos.
  4. Flexibility with Lighting and Timing:
    • Natural Lighting: Photographers can utilize the natural light available in the home, creating the best images
    • Flexible Scheduling: Sessions take place around the family’s schedule.

Best Reasons to have an In-Home Photography Session

  • Intimate Connection: Above all, photos taken in-home often hold deeper emotional significance, as they capture the real-life settings.
  • Timeless Quality: The natural and personal elements of in-home sessions make the images timeless, treasured keepsakes.
  • Stress-Free Experience: Parents and kiddos are more relaxed in their own space, leading to smoother and more enjoyable sessions.

The thing I love most about in-home photography sessions is the genuine comfort my clients feel as a result. Being in their own home allows them to be more relaxed and natural, which translates beautifully into the photographs. Parents can cuddle with their kiddos or pets on the living room couch, siblings can interact in their playroom, and we can even all go play in the backyard – all settings equally important, hold special meaning, and create a rich narrative of family life.

In-Home Photography Session

All the Love

This family was so sweet and made my job so easy! During the consultation for this in-home photography session, mama let me know that she wanted really laid back, candid images. She wasn’t too interested in the “looking at the camera & smiling” vibe. They would just truly melt into each other with each prompt. I loved hearing about the family members (their walls were adorned with pictures of their family), and the meaningful items in the baby’s nursery. The Jordan shoes were shoes that dad bought before having a baby was on the radar. Their home is simply gorgeous! 

Their dog (a great pyrenees) was the sweetest dog soul I’ve ever met. His name is Mookie (yes, after the Dodger player) and he greeted me with his gorgeous big brown eyes, and laid his head in my hands as soon as I walked in. His energy was so calming and the love for his family radiated the whole session. He truly stole my heart– I walked away from the in-home photography session thinking “the next breed of dog I get is going to be a great Pyreneese.”

“Thank you again for capturing our family, would love to have you keep documenting our fam as we continue to grow in the future.”

-Emily, Matt, Charie, & Mookie 

In-Home Photography Session

Choosing Between the Studio and Home

Your home is your personal sanctuary. No matter what the setting of your home is like, it is your safe space. As a matter of fact, you’d be surprised what photographers can work with!

The studio is a blank canvas for your family to paint their story, whereas your home is a story in of itself. Remember the comfort and the personality of being within your home!

All in all, just know that your life’s story will be told beautifully regardless of where you choose to have your session.

Love, Natalie

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