Why Choose a Studio Photography Session?

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Minimal + Effortless Studio Photography Session

Why choose a studio photography session? Today, I’m going to tell you why!

Studio sessions have a magical place in my heart because your family gets the opportunity to go to a safe space. In fact, I consider the studio a sanctuary where you’re tucked away from the world and it’s a space to be yourselves without the noise of your surroundings. 

Having my own California photo studio in Rolling Hills, CA, I get to set the vibes for the session and curate a blank canvas that allows your family to shine without distraction. It’s also a safe space where I get to have control over lighting, posing, and props – all with a minimal and effortless approach in mind!

LA Studio Photography Session

What is a Studio Session?

Studio photography sessions can sound intimidating and cheesy – but  I’m not talking about your JCPenny style shoots! I’m talking about those cozy, minimal studio photography session vibes where you get glorious close-ups of your babies, warm moments together, and a safe space to express your family dynamic. 

Nowadays, a studio session is so much more than cookie-cutter as it once was. In my studio, I offer snacks, beverages, and a safe space for clients to simply relax and enjoy the process. I feel having a safe and comfortable setting is crucial for the vibes!

Pros & Cons of a Studio Photography Session

So I get it, maybe a minimal studio photography session isn’t something you’ve considered! But let me give you the pros and cons:


  • Less distractions for complete focus of your family
  • Safety for children
  • More control over lighting/posing/props
  • A more relaxed environment 
  • A blank canvas for your family to stand out
  • Overall more detailed shots and close-ups
  • No wind or rain to worry about
  • Snacks… because who doesn’t love snacks?!


  • Less Textural interest/natural setting
  • Less variety than location shooting

Literally, it comes down to that! It’s just a whole different vibe, especially with a minimal studio photography session. 

LA Studio Photography Session

Minimal Effort

This session is the perfect example of a minimal studio photography session. This family booked a studio session in honor of capturing their first babe, and so we focused mainly on that! They were taken at a studio in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

As you can see, the tones, posing, and setting is very simplistic and minimal. The session was essentially effortless! 

When choosing to do a minimal studio photography session, remember, you’re going to be the stars of a blank canvas. Wherever you choose to tell your family’s story, set time aside to capture the quiet moments in a studio session if you get the chance – you won’t regret it!

Love, Natalie

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